It is by leaving the benches of the faculty of law that Sophie Chemla invests her creativity and her sense of detail by co-founding a ready-to-wear brand of which she will hold the reins for 3 years. The years go by, the entrepreneur wants to go further, and launches her jewelry brand. A sizeable challenge, which does not frighten her, as the desire to create and share is anchored in her.

The project came to fruition in 2011 when Sophie unveiled Hypso, a line of lucky jewelry. The adventure began with a collection of braided and colorful Mexican bracelets, which we can customize. The jewels are designed and made by hand, in the Parisian workshop of the designer. Everything is linked. Colorful bracelets quickly become the perfect gift idea. Sophie innovates and develops solar collections, and makes it a point of honor to personalize her jewelry. Locket collars then appear. Made from metal gilded with fine gold, they are infinitely customizable ... A strong piece signed Hypso considered a must in the house.

The brand then unveils its famous chain necklace adorned with three golden medallions to personalize between initial and zodiac sign. This flagship jewelry will very quickly become a must-have for Parisians.


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